Monday, March 25, 2013

"Let Him Conquer the World" - Lessons From Coaching Athletes With Learning Disabilities (2nd in a Two-Part Series)

.  In keeping with the basketball theme of this two-part series, one example is the emergence of unheralded Jeremy Lin with the New York Knicks during the 2012 basketball season.  Another more current example is the Gulf Coast University basketball team who just

"We just took the attitude of 'Let him conquer the world if he can.'  We'll expose him to whatever we feel is appropriate and if he succeeds, awesome. If not, then we'll be there to catch him."

What an awesome statement!  It reflects the aspirations and challenges that parents have in caring for their children.  It also reflects the talent development ethos (the guiding beliefs or ideals) that managers and leaders should have.

You don't learn anything from ... sameness."

If you want to see the value and joy of diverse abilities in action, you don't need to travel to Rochester Hills, Michigan.  Find out where there are Special Olympics events in your local area and go watch these athletes in action.  Better yet, volunteer to coach or help officiate any number of Special Olympics sports in your area.  You'll be richer for it and may even learn something that you can apply to your workplace.

set them up for success (recognizing that they "[they] can't do epic by [themselves]") and give them their shots - yes, shots. Plural.

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